From Our 2020 Cohort
Claire Lawson
Claire Lawson
Claire Lawson is absolutely loving her career change – from a metallurgist in the mining industry, to becoming Designer and Founder of T-air. As the inventor, she is able to express her commitment to sustainability and positively impact on the health of the environment through her designs.

This change came about when Claire’s new home was under construction. Under no circumstances was she going to allow common bathroom problems to exist in her new home! Having spent years solving production problems in the mining industry, her engineering mind designed a variety of bathroom accessories that solve everyday bathroom problems.

Claire has established herself as a bathroom specialist, researching scientific studies around bathroom hygiene, and by listening to many customers, builders, and interior designers. She is driven by a strong sense of responsibility to educate others that bathroom design should not be based purely on aesthetics, and is passionate that builders, renovators and designers should consider both hygiene and function in their bathroom design.

She has a strong customer-centric focus, listening to the needs of customers to regularly bring new designs to the table. This has resulted in a range of stylish creations that are suitable for many applications, not just in bathrooms. Claire was determined that T-air products would be manufactured in Australia and it has been a challenging journey, but this is testament to her passion about ‘Australian Made’ products.

Recognising most customers purchase T-air fixtures because they are “something new, stylish and functional”, Claire gets enormous personal and professional satisfaction when she receives customer feedback about the hygiene benefits they have experienced from using T-air products.

“We love creating stylish and functional products that make life easier and more enjoyable, and we have a responsibility to educate people about the impact bathroom fixtures can have, not only on their own personal hygiene, but also the health of the environment”.
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