From Our 2020 Cohort
Deborah BauerAdvance Queensland
Deborah Bauer
Deborah Bauer: Founder and Creative Director of Urban Metal.

As a designer with over 15-years experience in the industry and a passion for art, design and architecture, my mission for Urban Metal is to enhance experience through creativity and design, elevating spaces to bring people together.

I am a big picture thinker. I love taking ideas outside of the box and I'm a huge advocate for active design—the creation of people-focussed spaces which are intentionally designed to promote wellness of the mind and body. Constantly curious, an innovator, a quick thinker and uncompromising on standards. I have built a small team of experts and an organisation which constantly strives to add the human element to each and every design, executed with precision, from design to installation. My approach is unique to my competitors, all designs are built through innovation, experience and collaboration, working closely with people and their desired space to enhance the overall experience, aesthetic and feel.

My talent lies in not only knowing how and why custom designed screens and sculptures will enhance a space through colour, texture and bespoke features but by spending the time getting to know the space and the personality of it, my designs can transform an entire home, school or feel of a commercial space promoting a sense of positivity, innovation, relaxation and collaboration.
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