From Our 2020 Cohort
Matilda Marsh
Matilda Marsh
Matilda is a passionate change maker. She has an extensive background in community development and entrepreneurship. From working in local government to not for profit and social enterprise spaces, she is driven to create more connected communities and new approaches to business.

Her work has taken her to many different communities, driving programs that build community resilience, connectedness and health. It is from this ethos of positive impact that she has partnered with her drive for entrepreneurship and business with purpose to co-create Myoni.

Since 2017 she has been building Myoni as a purpose-driven startup and bringing Myoni Menstrual Products to the market while also being mum to her two young children.

Matilda is passionate about changing the way we all see and experience periods. She is also a keen advocate for women-led startups and building a culture of business with embedded ethos of social and environmental responsibility.
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