From Our 2020 Cohort
Samantha Lynn
Samantha Lynn
Samantha Lynn is the co-founder of PersonallyPicked, launching in April 2019.

Launching the business at just 25, Samantha always had the desire to start her own business growing up with an entrepreneurial streak and wanting to put her creativity to good use.

In 2020 PersonallyPicked has experienced growth of over 1660% in just their second year of operation.

Studying Marketing and then spending five years working in Marketing roles within a range of well-known organisations, Samantha was able to gain an understanding of what it took to grow and sustain a thriving business and knew that's what she wanted to do.

Samantha is passionate about equality and inclusivity, having a focus on building PersonallyPicked's culture around this.

Juggling full time work and a fast-growing side hussle, Samantha is excited to dive into PersonallyPicked full time in 2021!
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