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Sonya ComiskeyAdvance Queensland
Sonya Comiskey
Sonya Comiskey is the founder of Southern Cross Beef, a high quality Queensland grown beef producer backed by cutting edge blockchain technology that allows sellers and consumers to gain a greater insight into food and supply chain transparency. Now more than ever, Sonya believes it’s important that we’re tracing the origins of our food and making sure that the product we consume is authentically produced in safe conditions with an emphasis on quality assurance and health.

Sonya is an industry recognised leader and a 2018 Nuffield Farming scholar, supported by Rabobank. Her study topic investigates successful producer-led brands focusing on consumer engagement through heritage provenance marketing and collaborative value-chain models.

In April 2019, Sonya joined the AgFrontier Regional AgTech Incubator team with Central Highlands Development Corporation in a key role to implement this ground-breaking 14-month program for regionally based Agtech innovators with a practical understanding of agriculture.

Building on her investment in the multi-signature distributed ledger technology that supports Southern Cross Beef, Sonya is currently researching the potential Blockchain applications underpinning authenticity, traceability and redistribution of premiums across the entire beef and food production value-chain.

Sonya works in partnership with primary producers, feedlots, processors and technology platform owners to continue building the strong local future of the Australian and Queensland food industry.
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