About The Program
The SPARK Female Founders Program was designed to support Australian female entrepreneurs in scaling their businesses. It is built on the belief that when women get support, they really can change the world.
The program has been created by Danielle Lewis, Co-founder and CEO of global Influencer Marketing platform Scrunch. Drawing from her own experience of a decade building a technology startup as a female, and observing the impact of ‘2020’ on her fellow female entrepreneurs.
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About 1
Danielle’s observation has been that sales is the fundamental skill that is required to build a successful business. Whether it’s capital raising, connecting with customers or building a team. And every great entrepreneur possess this skill or has honed it over time.
"Startups don’t fail from a lack of great product. They fail from a lack of sales experience."
The SPARK Female Founder program gives female-led startups access to a global influencer marketing analytics and education platform, access to world-class mentors, a year of business support and a lifelong community.
The program will be offered to 50 female founders, and the cost of the program has been heavily subsidised by a number of Australian business and government, including 25 places funded by Advance Queensland and going to Queensland startups.
The program cost is $4,700 per founder – with $4,200 subsidised by program partners, giving female founders the opportunity to access this 12 month program for only $500 each.
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Now is the time for Australian female entrepreneurs to level up their success.
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